Advantageous Tips for Playing Online Baccarat

There are plenty of “fool-proof” strategies offered out there to assure you to win in baccarat; some of them even claim to have found the secret to counting cards in baccarat, most if not all are scams. The thing about baccarat is that, like most casino games, you can’t win all the time no matter what your advantage is. The only thing you can do is apply smart decisions and money management in order to lose small, win more often, and occasionally win big.

The goal is to make money, and the key to making money is by taking risks when the odds are tipped to your favor. Here are a few advantageous tips for online baccarat.

Know the Game

You probably already know how to play baccarat, but what kind? The thing about online casinos is that almost every version of every casino game is available, and that includes baccarat.

I am partial to super 6 baccarat and standard baccarat, but there are several more that even I am not that familiar with. The best thing to do is to stick to what you know, but if you have to play a different kind of baccarat; know the rules and start small to get used to it.

Avoid Martingale Baccarat

Unless if you are fond of this version, I think one should avoid the version. Usually, the only thing you control when playing any game in online casinos is if you will play and how much you put in a bet. Martingale Baccarat takes away that little bit of control; as every time you lose you are required to double your bet from the previous round, and that really adds up. And you thought that 5% commission on “Banker” was bad.

Speaking of Banker

Most people know this, but just in case you didn’t know, there is a reason for the 5% house commission when playing banker. Banker actually has a slight advantage over player as it is dealt second; many advise betting on banker more as your chances of winning is higher. I would recommend using this information when making a decision, and not just ride banker all the way.

Making Decisions

There is no certain way to know whether player or banker wins each round, so decisions are really about luck. There are “strategies” though that just helps in decision making.

The most popular one for my casino buddies is by reading that chart thing most casinos put, showing the data of the results of previous rounds. Sure, they are made using precise data, but to be honest most people say that they are meaningless, put there in order to make you feel better about your decision.

Another popular way is by employing some sort of card counting method; but I can’t really say this help, unlike blackjack, baccarat is just a bit more complicated. But no matter what strategy you use, it is mostly just to make you feel better about your decision.

So just try to enjoy the game. Remember though, banker has a bit of an advantage; so take that into consideration.