Online Casinos Bonuses and Why You Should Pay Close Attention to Them

New to online casinos and puzzled by how bonuses work? The online gambling world is full of bonuses and freebies, all aimed at getting more players to sign up and play. All those flashes of dollar signs everywhere might mean free money for you to spend as you explore more about a website and what it offers, but if you’re not careful, they can become a minefield too.

Many people come into online gambling with the notion that bonuses are to be expected and that they should take advantage of these offers as best as they can. While there’s nothing wrong with maximizing all the bonus offers you’re qualified for, you should also need to understand that most of the time, they aren’t really free.

Often, there are conditions, regulations, and various other stipulations attached to these offers for you to use them or withdraw them to your account.

So, if you’re still grasping at how online casinos work and want to see what bonus offers you’re getting and whether or not you should accept them, demystifying these popular online casinos features is in order. Read on to find out what these bonuses are and what is required of you as a player if you are to accept them.

Free Cash Bonus

These are pretty straightforward cash bonuses that online casinos offer, so new players will have free money they can spend to play games and just get themselves familiar with all the different features and offers of the online gambling site. However, it comes with a snag. With this bonus, you will not be allowed to cash in your earnings until the deposit has been paid or you have met specific wagering requirements.

Still, newbies to online gambling are encouraged to take advantage of this bonus offer. This is a great tool that you can use if you want to have an initial amount you can use as a stake for the games you are interested in. This gives you the chance to explore what the casino has to offer while also preventing you from having to end up risking your own cash.

First Deposit Bonus

These bonuses can come into different forms. There is a percentage bonus and there is straight cash. For instance, if a casino advertises that they are offering a 400% bonus capped at $100, this means that if you make a first deposit of $25, your total free credits will be $100.

If the casino has set wagering requirements of say, 7 times the requirement and bonus amount, this means that the total of your initial deposit plus the bonus, which is $125— will have to be multiplied 7 times before you will be allowed to cash out.

That means you have to wager a total of $875 before you will be allowed to withdraw your earnings. This is usually the part that a lot of casino players don’t understand. So, make sure that you have a good grasp of what the wagering requirements mean.

Ongoing Bonus

Online casinos are also known to offer various bonuses and freebies just to encourage gamblers to stay. Most casinos would customize their offers based on how long a player has been with them. So, the longer you have been with them, the more attractive the rewards are likely going to be. As always, they will usually come with specific conditions and wagering requirements that you will need to meet first before you’ll be allowed to withdraw your earnings.

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